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Domain Name MX1: mail.otherdomain.com Priority: 30 IP Address
MX records :
These are special resource records for mail routing. An MX record specifies a domain name and an associated computer, the «mail exchange», which is able to deliver e-mail to an e-mail address with this domain name.
An IP address is used for a subdomains like mail.domain.com
The other MX records designate the backup computers in case the actual target computer is not accissible. They store the e-mails temporarily, and periodically attempt to redirect e-mails to the actual target computer. To differentiate them, each MX record has a priority (lower the number, higher the priority). The MX record with the highest priority is the actual target computer where mail boxes are located.
Virtual Private Servers in USA IP Address
Explanation of the terminology:

Dedicated Servers in France Introduction to customer MX (Mail eXchanger) records
A Sample MX record that you can register with 1&1 looks like this:
Virtual Private Servers in Europe Domain Name MX1: mail.domain.com Priority: 10 IP Address
Domain Name MX2: backup.domain.com Priority: 20 IP Address

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