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ChemoBlaze – Ghost lyrics

Light the candles
The power has gone dead
Lightning in the distance
Thunder rumbling
Shapes taking form in the dark
Is that a shadow
In front of me
If you focus
Your eyes
Hard enough
You can see
Temperature drops
Room gets cold
Ghost creeps across
The floor
Into the living room
The cloud drifts slow
What does it want
When will it go
Heart beating fast
Don’t want to look
But like a moth to a light
I’m hypnotized
See the shadow
Dancing in the lightning
Floats out the back door
To the woods
I follow
Through the dark
I hear ghosts laughter
I will let
Not succumb
To the fear
Grit my teeth
Ride the wind
Make light where there is none
I break free
Ghost in my wake
Hypnotized no more

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